Generate leads with SERP


Schema markup is a process that creates an enhanced description for articles and pages known as “Rich Snippets” which shows in search results. If implemented properly, it will drive click-through rates.

Schema markup is becoming more prevalent. Optimizing visual elements proliferating in search results like featured snippets, rich results, Google my business, and SERP features boosts your rankings as well as CTR rate which also leads to a higher targeted traffic, more qualified leads and a lower bounce rate. To get started with schema, check if you have any schema on your site using some tools like Google rich results test tool or SEMrush and determine a plan to add it through plugins, manually or dynamically.


  • The new SEO landscape and how On-SERP fits in.
  • Why organic links are becoming less valuable.
  • How to get rich results in Google Search with Schema Markup.
  • The 600 types of Schema.
  • How Schema can support lead generation efforts.

Download the Generate more leads with On-SERP module presentation.

Lesson Instructor

Stephen Stanczak

Stephen is the founder of Superfood Digital, a company that accelerates the growth of food and beverage brands through digital marketing. Superfood Digital’s main service offerings include SEO, PPC, and Amazon optimization, based in New York City.

Superfood Digital is a spin off of Ondyr, a digital marketing firm focused on SEM, Google Analytics, and SEO. Stephen has 10+ years of marketing experience including work on several digital marketing campaigns for companies such as Microsoft, General Electric and various SMBs. Stephen holds a bachelor’s degree from Temple and an MBA from Cornell University. He has spoken at Techstars, Baruch College, Techhub NYC, New York Marketing Association, and Grand Central Tech.